Ghee Rooibos Chai Tea

Ghee Rooibos Chai Tea

I’ve seen recipes and references to bulletproof coffee, basically coffee blended with butter, but mostly ignored it because I don’t drink coffee. Then a friend recommended Hot Buttered Cinnamon Tea.

I almost facepalmed. If in coffee, why not in tea?

I wanted some extra spice to help fight a cold, and chai tea is just so comforting. I don’t drink caffeine, so I made it with rooibos. If you haven’t been able to like rooibos, this is the recipe to do it with. The chai spices fill it out a little.

I remember as a child going with my mom to an Indian family, who showed us how to make chai tea. There was lots of milk and copious amounts of sugar. We’ve enjoyed it ever since, made with whole spices.

I can’t handle casein, so I made it with ghee (clarified butter). I also tried it with coconut oil instead, and while it was alright it didn’t have the same creaminess as ghee.

One sip and I was sure it was the best tea I had ever had. Make sure you blend it with a blender/immersion blender, otherwise you’ll end up with floating oil scum. Not so appetizing.

You can, of course, use tea bags but I highly recommend giving this a whirl. The flavour is incomparable. I don’t recommend ground spices either, unless you filter it through a coffee filter. The optional ingredients are if you want to give it an even greater health kick.

Ghee Rooibos Chai Tea

Ghee Rooibos Chai Tea
makes two cups

2 1/2 cups (625ml) water
1 cinnamon stick
4 cardamon pods
4 whole allspice
6 cloves
4 whole black pepper
1 inch (3cm) piece fresh ginger, peeled
2 tsp loose rooibos (or two tea bags)
1 1/2 tbsp (45ml) ghee (or butter, coconut oil)
sweetener of choice to taste
1 tsp virgin coconut oil (optional)
1 tsp gelatin (optional)

Slice ginger, crack cardamon pods, and put all spices into a small pot with the water. Bring to a boil and let simmer for 5-7 min. Turn off the heat, stir in the rooibos, and let steep for 5-6 min.

Strain tea into blender or tall container for immersion blender. Add ghee, and optional sweetner (I like a tsp of honey), coconut oil, and/or gelatin. Blend for 10-15 sec.

Pour into cups and savour.

Have you tried butter in tea or coffee? How did you like it?

Ghee Rooibos Chai Tea

Ghee Rooibos Chai Tea

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25 thoughts on “Ghee Rooibos Chai Tea

  1. ooh Im so glad you blogged about it! I am equally in love! My mother mentioned the same thing about the hot buttered rum as well, so I guess we will have to try it! I love ghee but sometimes the taste is not appealing to me, I think it’s because I ate SO much on the GAPS diet that I cringe a little when I smell or taste it. But, im glad the ghee is creamy! I missed creamy foods when I was casein free. I have almost all of those spices you used and I LOVE rooibos tea so I can’t wait to try it out! I have never made my own chia, and I am REALLY picky about the blend so I can’t wait to try yours. 🙂 Also, you know Anna Cools? She is one of my dearest friends here in the Pacific Northwest. Its a small world.

    • You’ve done GAPS? I’m reading it right now and trying to work up the courage to actually do it. The texture of ghee leaves a bit to be desired, but it works perfectly when melted in tea. I love chai tea, definitely make it with whole spices! If you drink milk now, make almost a spice/tea concentrate and then heat it with a ton of milk. Sooooo good! I went to school with Anna, isn’t she a dear? I actually found your recipe because she posted it on fb. 🙂

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  3. I’m with you, not a coffee person. And I’ve tried coming up with a good chai blend, but haven’t been able to. This sounds pretty tempting though. 😉 Thanks for sharing it at Savoring Saturdays! 🙂

    • The only way I like coffee is a tsbp in a cup of milk. Or in ice cream. 🙂 My husband drinks plain black coffee and I just can’t. I hope you like the chai blend – allspice isn’t actually from India, so it’s not a classical chai spice but I had that in my cupboard. Star anise is good in it too. Hope you like it! Thanks for hosting!

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  5. Ghee in chai tea is a common home remedy for persistent, dry cough in Northern plains of India. For medicinal purposes, you substitute honey for sugar, and add some ginger juice instead of ginger.

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