Garlicky Cauliflower Medallions
Potatoes, Bacon, and Sauerkraut (Strapacky)
Bibimbap, Korean (Cauliflower) Rice
Egg and Carrot Salad/Spread
Nettle and Ramp Pesto, Dairy Free
12+ Ways to Use Ramps
Nettle Gomae
Asian Cucumber and Radish Salad with Wasabi
Sweet Beef Heart Curry

Orange Walnut Cardamom Balls
Mixed Halva Treats
Buckwheat Crepe Cake with Chocolate Avocado Filling and Hazelnut ‘Cream’
Chocolate Sweet Potato Pie with Strawberry Gelée
Fruit and Nut Cake Squares
Spruce Tip Ice Cream plus Spruce Salt and Spruce Honey
Lemon Poppyseed Ice Cream

Our Family Favourite Ferment: Cauliflower
Fermented Radish Tops
Fermented Spiced Apple Chutney

Simple Pumpkin Gingerbread Smoothie
Mud Shake (sunflower, walnut, navy bean)
Ghee Rooibos Chai Tea
Two Flavoured Waters: Elderblossom Lemon and Linden Flower Cucumber

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