Fermented Radish Tops

Fermented Radish Tops

In honour of Mother’s Day on Sunday, I thought I’d take the opportunity to brag pay tribute to my own mother, particularly as pertains to my food philosophy and thus this blog.

Our childhood was a bit unusual; my sister recently described our Easter celebrations. Think Laura Ingalls Wilder – we were Little House in the Big Woods set the 20th century. Continue reading


Easter in Slovakia: Whipping and Watering Women

Slovak Easter Breakfast

I’m the sort of person who loves tradition. I romanticize the good ol’ days, all the while fully embracing the power of the internet.

But sometimes, there are traditions I’m not so sure about, like the whipping and water-dousing of girls on Easter in Slovakia. Continue reading

Chocolate Sweet Potato Pie with Strawberry Gelée

Chocolate Sweet Potato Pie with Strawberry Gelée

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – I like chocolate, but I don’t DIE for chocolate. I would rather have fruit with cream. Having said that, I did eat a large number of homemade dark chocolate clusters this weekend.

Dark chocolate is much better; milk chocolate is too sweet and tastes like wax. (Them’s fightin’ words 🙂 ) Continue reading

Asian Cucumber and Radish Salad with Wasabi

Asian Cucumber and Radish Salad

As the weather turns to spring and gets warmer, I start making more salads.

One of my favourites is this simple salad with cucumber and radish – it’s light, crispy, and ridiculously easy to put together. After I made this yesterday, my girls were asking me to make it again today. Continue reading

Welcoming Spring and Traditional Artisans

Slovak Singing children

A few weekends ago (I’m a rather behind), there was a little fair in our village, Vitanie Jari (Welcoming Spring). Children from the local preschools sang and danced in traditional costume, a few farm animals were available to pet, and local crafts people displayed their wares.

I am not naturally inclined to approach strangers and talk to them, but for the interest of my readers and in the interest of promoting Slovak culture I interviewed a few of the artisans. There were a few more tables, but wailing toddlers cut my journalist foray short.

One common element that struck me amoung all the crafts was that of patience. Crafting these works of beauty takes time, focus, and care, rather rare commodities in today’s instantaneous age. My favourite, though, is the last one! Continue reading

Nettle Gomae

Nettle Gomae
My youngest sister and her daughter were visiting from Canada for two weeks. It was so lovely to have someone to chat with while cooking, giggle over family stories, and sing harmony with. She washed many sinkfuls of dishes and watched the kids so my husband and I could have a couple dates. Thank you, Miwa!

Having her here brought to mind something I’ve thought to myself in moments of mom-desperation. “We were meant to live in tribes, to have aunts and cousins and grandmothers help with children, and meals, and life in general.” Living close to family has it’s own perils, but so many of us live in relative isolation. Parents spend more hours at work than with children or spouses, extended family often lives far away. Some communities of friends support each other, others have yet to. Continue reading