Mud Shake (sunflower, walnut, navy bean)

mud shake

We’ve recently gone dairy-free, again. I keep trying dairy in the hopes that it will magically be alright, but most of us have various indications that we’re better off without. I have nothing against (pastured raw/cultured) dairy, in fact, it’s my favourite food group. I’d rather give up gluten than dairy. It’s such an easy real food, ready to eat yogurt or cheese for a quick snack.

So, in an attempt to find some alternatives, I made a mud shake. I used carob, which I must defend against any haters out there. I like carob, but it is NOT a chocolate alternative. Please, don’t do it a disservice, it doesn’t contain any of those kicker-uppers that chocolate does. Carob is itself, with all it’s deep and rich flavour. Made from the pod of a tree (not the seed), a little goes a long way. Of course, if you’re irrevocably set against carob, cacao powder can be used instead.

Mud Shake

85ml (1/3 cup) walnuts, soaked
85ml (1/3 cup) sunflower seeds, soaked
85ml (1/3 cup) navy (white) beans, cooked
375ml (1 1/2 cup) water
pinch (unrefined) salt
1 tsp olive oil or other fat
1 banana
2 tsp carob powder
2 tsp flax seeds
handful greens, optional

In a blender or food processor mix walnuts, sunflower seeds, beans, and water until smooth. Strain through a cheesecloth.
Return the ‘milk’ to the blender and add the rest of the ingredients, blending until smooth. Enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “Mud Shake (sunflower, walnut, navy bean)

    • Yes, except for the one carob hater 🙂 It definitely needs the fat, I would even put in two tsp but two tsp of olive oil was too bitter and my lame blender wouldn’t be able to handle making coconut oil smooth.

  1. You’re right about not treating carob as a ‘chocolate alternative’, it’s got it’s own unique flavour that needs to be appreciated but is nothing alike 🙂 Loving the navy beans in this shake, something I’ve never actually blended into a smoothie before – naturally I’m going to have to try it as soon as possible!
    Thanks for sharing this at the Weekend Wholefood Blender Party, I hope you’ll join us again soon 😀

    • Poor carob always gets a backseat 🙂 Let me know how you like beans in a shake!
      Thanks for hosting – my lame blender died so I have to get a new one before I’ll join in again.

  2. Hi, Naomi. I am not receiving a notice when you have written something new on your blog. Wasn’t that how it was supposed to work? Someone posted the Gaming pictures to Facebook,(which were gorgeous, by the way) and I went from there to here.

    • Did you click on the ‘follow’ button in the right hand column and then enter your email address? I haven’t seen your address under those subscribed. Glad you liked the pictures Mom!

  3. I have celiac disease and lactose intolerance I use a lactase enzyme in pill form. It is taken before dairy is eaten. Here in the states we have a brand called LACTAID. I purchase the Kirkland Brand at Costco. I know you don’t have a Costco in Slovakia but it is in Canada. Maybe you can have some sent to you. The box is light so it won’t cost an arm and a leg to send. It may be worth a try. Some people with the intolerance find that they can eat yogurt. It may have to do with the bacteria inside I don’t really know. I do drink the the non dairy milks and use them in recipes. When it comes down to cheeses,cheesecake, and ice cream I take my enzyme and enjoy them. Maybe there are others that have suggestions to post. My husbands family was from Slovakia and I know that there are cheeses around to tempt you.
    Zbohom teraz .-( I don’t speak the language so I have to look the words up. 0:)

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Stephanie. I think our problem is with the protein rather than the lactose. So I’m hoping to try all those sheep milk products in a while to see if they are ok 🙂 Zbohom!

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