A Little Walk

A Little Walk

To the north of our village are the Carpathian mountains hills. I find it fascinating that a few metres higher in elevation can make such a difference in the winter. Even though we live in an apartment, in five minutes we can be out in the oak and beech forest. Not that I get there on my own with the kids during the week, but it’s comforting to know that it’s possible. On the hill to the right there are remnants from a village from the Bronze Age, I kid you not. And on the hill after that, a castle.

The houses here are close together on long narrow parcels of land. Many people, particularly older people, have a large garden, chickens and maybe a pig. As land gets more expensive and people depend less on the land for sustenance, the back of the land parcels get sold for new houses.

A Little Walk

Old style houses are long and narrow with smallish windows. I took this photo on the sly and then scurried away, worried that the owner would not appreciate me taking photos of his house. I suppose I could have explained what I was doing, but I doubt he would know what a blog is. “Excuse me, sir, do you mind if I take a photo because I think your house looks quaint?”

A Little Walk

A Little Walk


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